About the French Crop

The French crop, also known as the Caesar Cut, has been around for a long time and has recently revived thanks to the Peaky Blinders fashion trend, which conquered the Nation after Tommy Shelby arrived on our screens.

This versatile cut is suitable for straight and wavy hair, and recently found (even more) Fans after Paul Mescal unveiled his wavy French crop last year – although it has since moved on to a modern Barber’s favorite, The Mullet. We talked with the experts to find out what exactly a French culture is and how to cut it.

What is a French harvest?

“French culture is one of the most popular haircuts that our young clients want,” says Miles Wood-Smith, master hairdresser at Murdock London. “It’s a short fade on the sides with enough length on top to push forward with bangs. At Murdock London, we usually end with a sea salt spray to create texture and hold in the hair while maintaining its natural appearance.”

The key to this style is to understand the shape of your client’s head, according to Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing. He recommends carefully examining the shape of your client’s head before using your trimmer. “Check if you have any bumps and bumps and evaluate your hair and your head before cutting your hair,” he explains. He also suggests making sure that you use all the halves and quarters of the sorters to get the perfect and homogeneous mixture. It will take more time, but the result will be worth it.

“I would recommend this cut to anyone who has a receding hairline and takes the bangs very short to create the Illusion of thicker hair,” recommends Keri Blue, founder of Human First UK and short hair artist.

How to cut a French crop

Salv Mulé, salon director at Academy Salons, explains step by step how to get the perfect French harvest:

  • First, Clipper Fade from 1.5 to zero.
  • Then layer the top and remove the corners while maintaining the weight.
  • Be sure to dry the front part of the hair and create a neat, blunt bangs.
  • Finally, customize this style with paste or Gel for a wet look. Comb the wet products to create a parting in the hair.