Barbershop at the Royal Highland Show

Lister has teamed up with parent company Wahl to create a pop-up hair salon at the Royal Highland Show to raise awareness of agricultural mental health. As part of the “Take a Load Off” Initiative, it offers a safe place to get up, unload and have fun.

Mental health in agriculture is something that is not talked about enough. Given that 92% of British farmers under the age of 40 consider their mental health to be poor, this is a hidden problem that we need to talk about. The pop-up hairdressing salon is open from Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th near the shear pavilion at the Royal Highland Show. Give visitors the opportunity to get a fresh haircut
as a professional hairdresser, the campaign will raise funds for the DPJ Foundation and the RSABI, two mental health charities in the agricultural industry.

This year’s Royal Highland Show attracts more than 190,000 visitors every year and will host the World shearing Championships, where shearers and enthusiasts from all over the world arrive to support the competition. The creation of this space during the event is crucial for those who want to take a Moment to relax and just chat in a safe place.

Martin Booth, head of sales and trade at Lister, said“ “The partnership with Wahl and the offer of a service such as the hairdressing salon, which is sometimes difficult to organize during travel and long working hours, is an important step in our Mission to support mental health in Agriculture. It is important to raise awareness of this problem facing the industry and to ensure that people working in the rural community have access to the support and resources available.”

Lloyd Rees, Shearer and Lister Ambassador, said: “Many people who work in agriculture and farming often feel isolated and distant from the wider communities. This can have a huge impact on your mental health and can often lead to something bigger without the right resources and support.”

Kate Miles, Charity Director of the DPJ Foundation, said: “We are very happy and grateful that Lister has taken the lead with the Take a Load Off Initiative to offer the opportunity to promote good mental health in agriculture, the power to take your time and speak out. The eyes of the shearing world will be on the golden scissors, so this is a brilliant chance to raise awareness.”