Barbershop Interior Skate Culture

With a little help from his relatives, Charlie Venn was able to bring to life his dream hair salon, inspired by the 1950s and the American barbershop culture.

When is the hair salon open?

Lucky Sevens Barbershop opened its doors in September 2019, making it our fourth year.

When you bought the property, what was it for?

The hair salon is actually attached to a Salon, and the space was originally used as a training academy – where I started my journey in the hair industry!

Tell us a little about the renovation process and the challenges you might face?

The renovation went smoothly, there were long days and nights, but my father is a talented man and he pressed a hand. My partner Tash, his fellow Barber Dan, as well as his family and friends also helped. Among all of us, we went from a training academy to a hairdressing salon with three chairs in just under two weeks.

What was your Budget?

Is the hair salon supposed to please someone special?

I always had a Vision of what my dream hair salon would look like, and we did it. I always knew that I wanted a bright and welcoming space where everyone was welcome.

Is the hair salon different in separate areas, and if so, why?

Overall, I would say that the Lucky Sevens hair salon theme runs through all workspaces.

What makes the space unique?

The Lucky Sevens hair salon is a bright and colorful space – while many of the stores around me are dark or neutral. I wanted to bring back that busy style where people ask questions and show interest in what surrounds them.

What influenced the Design?

I would say that the space is strongly influenced by the classic American barber shop mixed with my love of the 1950s and a touch of modern style.

What is the color scheme and why did you choose it?

The blue was based on a 1950s Chevy pickup, complemented by a pastel pink. It was a unique color and during the construction people were not sure, but I knew that everything would go together.

Do you have any unique pieces of furniture?

Yes, instead of your typical styling stations, we have tool stations. These were part of a classic range, which meant they were definitely a big deal, but with the chairs they make a statement and reinforce the theme of the store.