In Barbershops Variety Hair Administrations

With the proliferation of color services in hair salons, hairdressers now have a new way to increase the profits of their business. But to do this, you need to think about how long these services will last in the chair and what you want to charge for it. To help you decide on the best approach, we asked a few hairdressers to share their approaches…

The All-Inclusive Approach

With so many color services available in hair salons, the appointment time can vary greatly, as can the price you charge. Mikey Pearson explains that at Manifesto they focused on gray coverage and opted for a bundled approach: “The color service we provide is 30 minutes and includes advice, application, development time, as well as washing and styling.

Bobby Gordon, founder of Fella Soho, Canterbury and Folkestone, explains that they receive a mixture of requests for gray cover, synchronized camouflage and creative services, and shares that the great thing about the former is that it goes so fast. “The application takes a few minutes and only takes five minutes. he says.


Meanwhile, Wez Jones, owner of the HeartBreak Club, explains a different approach: “In our store, we certainly get more requests for creative colors than for gray covers. Right now, it’s all about Buzzcuts and colors, especially soft pinks and sapphires. But how long does it take to create these creative colors? “A color service can last from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the client’s Goal,” explains Wez. “For example, if a client has dark hair and wants pink hair, it will take at least an hour of bleaching process and 30 minutes of dyeing and/or coloring.”

With so many variables within Creative Colour, Wez says he finds the most efficient way to break down the prices of these services: “We calculate the time and the products, usually by the hour, then add up the cost of the product used.”

Harps Bhogal, owner Of Odyssey male Grooming, agrees that it can be difficult to define a consistent approach to appointments, flexibility being the key. She says: “For a scalp bleaching agent, we like to block 45 minutes, followed by up to 50 minutes for the development time, but this may have to be adjusted for different hair lengths.”Since you need to perform a Patch test at least 24 to 48 hours before a coloring service, you have the opportunity to evaluate the client’s hair length and discuss deadlines with him to make sure he understands the duration of the Service.