Innovating the Barbering Industry Powered by Vagaro

Running a thriving empire can be overwhelming, but Louis Hayes-Davies does it with style and grace thanks to Vagaro. He is the creative director of Daimon Barber in Stratford-upon-Avon, an elegant oasis for the modern man where he can indulge himself with his range of luxury products used in the variety of self-care services offered. From high-end beard care to the perfect cut, Daimon Barber offers only the best.

Daimon Barber is much more than a barber shop. They are widely known for their range of sustainable products. Their scientifically based products use only the best natural ingredients and are innovative and sustainable, filled with vegetable oils and vitamins to enrich the skin and hair. Daimon Barber is a multifaceted company that sells large quantities of luxury goods both locally and worldwide – so it is important that you have powerful software and systems to help you manage your inventory and sales seamlessly. Enter Vagaro, the first hairdressing software and application with more than 174,000 users worldwide.

“As a hair salon that sells, manufactures and provides services, it must be about ease of use and ease of transaction. And I think Vagaro gives you both.”

Louis goes on to explain that Vagaro facilitates the sale of products 24/24 and 7/7 with an efficient online store managed via its website. Here, customers can buy products at any time and from anywhere. The useful features of the Vagaro software allow add-ons, upsells and transparent payment processing.

“Vagaro offers a whole range of features to help me book, market and manage my business.”

Louis especially likes the stress-free inventory automation and Email Marketing, which can be used to quickly manage product launches and event invitations.

Vagaro allowed Louis to return to the most joyful aspects of managing a luxury brand.

“When you are considering your options, when you are considering not only a booking system, but also a turnkey solution to ensure that your business is at the cutting edge of technology – booking seamlessly for your customers, managing your inventory and making your life easier – I recommend that you go the Vagaro route.”

Vagaro is the high-end all-in-one software for managing a busy hair salon.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vagaro.