Know About Short Haircuts

Short haircuts can be more versatile than you think, with several styles to choose from. Whether it’s a low-maintenance Buzzcut, an elegant Quiff or the popular tapered fade, no customer requests (or hair types!) is the same. We spoke to the experts to break down the most popular cuts of the moment and their best tips for the store…


“A Buzzcut is a variety of short haircuts where the length of the hair is the same on all parts of the head. Buzz cuts gained popularity in the 1990s and have never stopped,” says Janene Hawkins-Bush, owner of Sir & Co.hairdressers. There are many modern variants of the Buzzcut because of its versatility, says Ollie Foster, OSMO Ambassador, “the style allows a lot of creativity because you can shave differently.”
pattern in the hair. This style is also perfect for men with sparse or receding hair lines, as it is very easy to maintain and adds definition to the face.”

Round neck

“It’s usually very short on the sides, a little longer on top and usually with longer bangs (which could then be considered a little Pompadour),” says Keri Blue, founder of Human First UK and short-haired artist. “This cut can be used for all hair types and textures and does not require a specific face shape to always look very trendy,” they add.

French Harvest

Also known as the Caesar cut, the French crop leaves the hair longer on top with blunt bangs and a short back and sides. “This is one of the most popular haircuts that we see among our young clients. It’s a short fade on the sides, with enough length on top to slide forward with bangs,” says Miles Wood-Smith, master hairdresser at Murdock London. “We usually use Murdock Sea salt spray to create texture and keep the hair natural.”

Rejuvenation Fade

The tapered fade has become one of the most requested haircuts in hairdressing salons in recent years, not to be confused with a skin fade, says Miles: “The tapered fade is a great way to achieve the appearance of a skin fade without having to fully commit to it.”
Keri continues: “a tapered fade or a blowout is perfect for people who don’t want to expose their head too much with a full fade, but want to keep it smart. It can be used on any textured hair, but it looks especially good in combination with a Curly top.”


“The Quiff combines the 1950s Pompadour hairstyle, a shape that never fails, with the Mohawk – it’s a classic,” says Janene. With this popular hairstyle, the front part of the hair remains longer and the hair becomes shorter as it ends, Ollie says: “to create the perfect hairstyle, it is best to dry the hair completely. I like to spray a small amount of OSMO Matte salt spray into the hair as a base, then blow it out-
dry through.”

Short Pompadour

“A smooth back style that adds volume and height. A variation in heights can be achieved with this short, slicked-back style with additional volume on top,” explains Janene Hawkins-Bush.The Short Pompadour is a perfect short haircut for customers who want a pump without too much volume and is suitable for all hair types and textures.