Know All About the Buzzcut

The Buzzcut is a hummed style (did you get it?) everywhere at the same length. This low-maintenance cut can look different on all hair types and is popular with all types of customers.

Loved by celebrities of all genders, the Buzzcut is a powerful look that highlights the face and bold features. After Milady’s standard hairdresser, they first gained popularity with the arrival of the manual clipper by the Serbian inventor Nikola Bizumić in the nineteenth century. “Buzzcuts gained popularity again in the 1990s and never stopped,” says Janene Hawkins-Bush, owner of Sir & Co.hairdressers. This key hair Look never goes out of style, says Miles Wood-Smith, master hairdresser at Murdock London, “this cut suits everyone”, and it was even presented at Givenchy’s men’s show at Paris Fashion Week 2023, with Jim Shaw commenting: “it’s ideal for customers who don’t want a cut that requires little”Recently we have also seen trends that combine trendy cuts with eye-catching colors. Strong and light tones can enhance the cut and add to the powerful statement already made by the length. Instagram is full of Buzzcuts with everything from citrus green to pink leopard print.

What Is A Buzzcut?

The Buzzcut is a style where the hair is shaved everywhere. “There are many modern variants of the Buzzcut due to its versatility. The style allows a lot of creativity, because you can shave different patterns in the hair. This style is also perfect for customers with thinning or receding hairlines, as it is very easy to maintain and adds definition to the face,” advises Ollie Foster, OSMO Ambassador.

It is usually carried out with clippers everywhere, says Keri Blue, founder of Human First UK and short hair artist, they explain: “I recommend using the same protection, usually a 2 for the popular military-style Cut.”Miles even tells us how to easily adapt this cut to a specific type of customer”, I would suggest by the way a better shear quality if the customer is more conservative.”

The creative owner of Room 97, Marcello Moccia, tells us how to achieve the Look:

For long hair, first remove the length with scissors up to the nape of the neck at the back of the hair and just above the ears on the sides, or use a horizontal cutting motion with the clipper blade without protection.
Choose the appropriate shear protection for the desired length (perhaps start with a 3 or 4 Note, as you can continue to walk on the hair with a shorter Note if necessary).
Keep the shear protector flat against the forehead and start cutting back and forth. Slowly move the trimmer down to the center of the head, past the crown.
Repeat in strips until the entire top is cut off. Cut everything just beyond the point where the head rounds the sides.