Self Discovery with Drastic Haircut

Hairdressing professionals create inner and outer beauty every day, but from time to time, how a person feels about himself can change his life. Courtney Wilburn talks about how the haircut of Kyleen Garcia, Sam Villa ambassador, Redken artist and owner of the Union Street salon has been transformative in her journey, and how the radical new Look has contributed to her self-discovery.

“It took me years to overcome the constant pressure to look “girly”. I felt so uncomfortable with myself, even though I technically looked like what I thought a stereotypical woman should look like (i.e. long hair, painted nails, tight clothes), but I just wasn’t. I would then action with myself thinking that I would be even more uncomfortable if I cut my hair and dressed the way I wanted. As I got older, I realized that these concepts are invented and that their femininity is not defined by what we wear or what our hair looks like. I slowly started wearing what I wanted and I felt great, the hair was the last to go.

“I wrote an article explaining how I wanted to cut all my hair and dye it blonde, and Kyleen immediately sent me a message saying that she could pick me up the next morning. It was settled. My wife was so nervous about me, I was known for having ridiculously long hair. I wasn’t nervous at all – something just clicked and I was ready. It was liberating to know that it was going to disappear soon, and I knew that I had the right stylist to give me what I wanted. When finished, a weight felt as if it had been lifted. I looked in the mirror and I had never felt so confident that this haircut was for me. I never thought that a hairstyle could radically change the way I see myself, but it did. I wish I could bottle that feeling and give it to people. Kyleen is a big part of my self-discovery story. I am eternally grateful,” Courtney says.

After cutting Courtney’s hair only once before, Kyleen explains: “I came forward because I noticed via social media that she had really adopted a new personal style. When she posted that she was considering cutting it, I immediately wanted to encourage her to try. So often other people pronounce such decisions; she had extremely long hair for a long time, but she always wore it, so I knew that she could absolutely rock short hair.”